Looking for a movie to watch tonight and have seen everything on Netflix? Cable has you covered for once. Starting around 5 o’clock we have Dunkirk, Hancock, and at 6:00PM 10 Things I Hate About You is on. Our #PrimeTimePickofTheNight is Titanic. Catch it at 9:00PM on Spike.



Channel: HBO2

Time: 5:10PM ET



Channel: AMC

Time: 5:25PM ET


10 Things I Hate About You

Channel: FreeForm

Time: 6:00PM ET


Django Unchained

Channel: IFC

Time: 6:00PM ET


The Bourne Ultimatum

Channel: AMC

Time: 7:30PM ET



Channel: FX

Time: 7:30PM ET


National Lampoon’s European Vacation

Channel: BBC

Time: 8:00PM ET


The Hangover

Channel: Cinemax

Time: 8:00PM ET


Blade Runner 2049

Channel: HBO
Time: 8:00PM ET



Channel: Spike

Time: 9:00PM ET

*Note: Friends is on for an hour beforehand if you need to get your laughs in before becoming irrationally mad at Rose for not leaving room on that door

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