You might not consider Monday’s great days for cable television, but there are plenty of good movies on tonight for all types of movie lovers. Alien: Covenant, Oblivion, and The Matrix will satisfy the Sci-Fi fan in you, while The Rock, Gladiator, and Fast & Furious 6 will give you the action to soak in. Our #PrimetimePickofTheNight is National Treasure on TNT at 8 o’clock Eastern time. Let us know what you’re watching tonight!

8 Mile

Channel: BET

Time: 4:40PM ET


Alien: Covenant

Channel: HBO

Time: 4:50PM ET


Forrest Gump

Channel: FreeForm

Time: 5:00PM ET



Channel: FX Movies (FXM)

Time: 5:00PM ET


The Rock

Channel: TNT

Time: 5:15PM ET



Channel: STARZ

Time: 5:23PM ET


The Matrix

Channel: BBC

Time: 6:00PM ET


Fast & Furious 6

Channel: FX

Time: 7:00PM ET


Gone Girl

Channel: FX Movies (FXM)

Time: 8:00PM ET


Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Channel: Nick

Time: 8:00PM ET


National Treasure

Channel: TNT

Time: 8:00PM ET

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