Rio 2

Channel: FX Movies

Time: 5:30PM ET

I have admittedly never seen this movie but Rio was a good time so I’m sure this is great.


Suicide Squad

Channel: Cinemax

Time: 6:00PM ET

Not the greatest movie. Ok fine it’s a pretty terrible movie if we’re being honest but at least Will Smith is in it, right?


Pulp Fiction

Channel: IFC

Time: 6:45PM ET

An all time “watch it when it’s on TV movie.” Unless you watched it the other seven times it was on TV this week, in which case maybe watch something else. (Or binge it again what the hell do I know)


The Lost World: Jurassic Park & Jurassic Park III

Channel: Syfy

Time: 6:00PM ET & 9:00PM ET respectively

This is honestly what you should be doing tonight, objectively. Some of the greatest movies of all time. Don’t ask yourself why they keep going back to a Dinosaur infested islands, because that’s just a poor decision on the character’s parts. Instead just watch and take in all the glory. #TheyShould’veStoppedThePlaneForCooper


A Bronx Tale

Channel: AMC

Time: 8:00PM ET

Believe it or not there are people on this planet that have not seen this movie. If you find yourselves being one of those people, watch it (unless you’re watching Jurassic Park again which is a totally fine decision).


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Channel: TNT

Time: 8:00PM ET

If you deny an opportunity to see Gandalf on screen, I simply do not trust you.

Disclaimer: if you don’t see Gandalf because you’re watching something else on this list I will in fact still trust you.


The Jungle Book

Channel: TBS

Time: 9:00PM ET

This movie is worth watching just to see Christopher Walken playing an oversized orangutan.


Friends Marathon

Channel: Nick

Time Start: 10:00PM ET

Lay down and fall asleep watching friends if you’re one of the five people left in America without Netflix.


The Departed

Channel: IFC

Time: 10:15PM ET

All time great cast and an all time great movie. Mark Wahlberg surprisingly plays the same character as in “The Other Guys.”


Taken 3

Channel: FX

Time: 10:30PM ET

Late night movie crowd can watch Liam Neeson do cool action movie stuff in the third entry of the Taken series. Watch this and join me in my movement to get a cinematic universe built with him, John Wick, the Mission Impossible crew and other cool action movie people.


Let me know what you’re watching tonight on Twitter @whatcha_watchin

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