Click N Tell, after a brief hiatus, is back with a bit of a new direction. While not completely different, it will now focus more on what people are watching right now, specifically in the Philadelphia area. Movies and TV shows will be the focus. Post will be weekly (hopefully daily if time permits). New categories for post will be live soon, and I hope you enjoy the content. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @Whatcha_Watchin


Types of Post to Look Forward to:

What to Watch Tonight

A daily post you can expect every morning (or night for the following day) that tells you what’s on TV to watch. If it’s a slow TV day with nothing on, you can expect some suggestions from Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services.


The G.O.A.T.S.

A weekly post that examines one of the greatest movies/TV shows of all time in my objective opinion.


Analysis/Review of New Movies/TV Shows

Self explanatory. Bad news though for people who like to read bad reviews, I like most movies I watch. It’s a curse and I am a sucker. I will find the good in it and argue for it’s redeemable qualities. Prove me wrong. Unless of course it sucks in which case I will probably agree.


Whatcha Watching?

A weekly post where I interview local Philadelphia people and see what they’re watching.



Short post and reactions to movie and TV Show related news.



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