Real Housewives of New York is BACK.. and better than ever. Gosh am I happy to be saying those words again!

RHONY is one of, if not my favorite franchise, and I think others can agree… including my own mom! I sat down with my mom to get her thoughts on the new season, being that it is so close to home!

  1. Who has your favorite cast mate been so far on the new season?

Dorinda never fails to impress me. She is hilarious, smart, witty and very down to earth and I always find myself relating to her.

   2.  What about the NY housewives stands out among the rest?

Although they are ridiculous at times, I love seeing them go to different spots in the city which is so close and attainable to us here in Philadelphia. I always try and spot their apartments whenever I go to the city and it is just so fun. They are in my home away from home and its great to watch.

3. Favorite part of the season so far?

The halloween party was just crazy. Dorinda in her costume, completely wasted was too funny for words. Not to mention Luanne, I mean…

If you haven’t yet caught up on the new season, you must! This trailer alone will lure you right in. Check it out!

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