Written by: Armani Johnson

I have seen nearly every season of Dancing with the Stars and I am truly excited to see who takes home the mirror ball trophy this time! This season of Dancing with the Stars features athletes for just a short 4-week session. The premiere of season 26 was Monday and showed how effortlessly some athletes can transfer over from their field to the dance floor. To switch things up and likely for added suspense, for the first time ever there was a double elimination on the first night and the audience said goodbye to Johnny & Emma, and Artem & Jamie. The famous Tonya Harding was in jeopardy but appeared to be a fan and judge favorite after her emotional backstory and road to DWTS.

The athletes this season range from a baseball player, to Olympic figure skaters, to a college basketball player, a snowboarder, and more. My favorites so far have been to watch the 7’2 Kareem Abdul Jabbar dance with his 5’6 professional dancing partner, and Redskin cornerback, Josh Norman, show the world how well some footballs players can dance.

The decision to make a season for athletes feels appropriate as 10 out of 25 of the winners have been current or former athletes, several of them football players or Olympians. The season, even though just beginning, really shows the versatility of athletes as they transition from their sports to tackling the obstacles of ballroom dances. The show airs on Monday at 8 p.m. EST and I highly recommend the watch before the 4 weeks are up and it is gone. Voting has become easier than ever and the athletes competing truly know how to put on a show. Give it a watch and don’t forget to vote for your favorite couple to save them from elimination!

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