I know for me, summer is a time where I get to relax and hangout with my friends. Going to the beach during the weekends with a few beers is something I know I get to look forward to. However, with all this buzz going on about the new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation series, I can only hope that my summer is half as nuts as what is being depicted in this season.

It’s like a family reunion for the Jersey Shore crew, and I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched it yet, but after hearing mixed reviews about it I can say that I thoroughly enjoy the new season. With summer just around the corner, I decided to ask a few Philly locals what they’re expecting their summers to be like, and also threw in some questions about the new season of Jersey Shore, here are the results!


  1. Mariana Caccavella – Graduating senior at Jefferson University

“Well this summer is already one of the most stressful for me, between graduating and finding a full time job.” Mariana is graduating next week and has been looking for a few months to secure a full time job in the Philadelphia area. “Usually I get to go home to North Carolina and see my friends and family, as well as go to the beach, but this summer I know I’ll most likely be working in Philly somewhere, and no it will not resemble the Jersey Shore show what so ever”, even though she wishes it would.

2. Bailey Witherspoon – Graduating Senior at Jefferson University

“As you know, I am a huge fan of the Jersey Shore, and I have had some crazy summers myself, but not this one unfortunately.” Bailey has secured a full time job here in Philadelphia and will not be having the wild summers that she is used to. “I will be living like the cast of Jersey Shore in spirit this summer, but not in real life, until the weekends that is.”

3. Kelly McGreal – Junior at Jefferson University

“So I am going home to Douglasville, PA next week for my summer. I have a summer job working at a restaurant back at home, and during the weekends I either visit my friends beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey, or just hang at home and go out with my friends.” Kelly is a Psychology major at Jefferson and will be returning in the fall of 2018. “I can’t say I watch the Jersey Shore TV show, but we all know what it is and what they do, it’s crazy and I’m sure very entertaining to watch.”

So there we have it, the realistic summers that the locals of Philadelphia will be living compared to the “reality” show stars of the Jersey Shore being depicted on TV every Thursday night of this and next month. I can say my summer will mostly consist of myself working a lot too, but hopefully I can have a few “Jersey Shore” like experiences along the way 🙂

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