What to Watch on Netflix This Week:


Wind River:

Wind River is a murder mystery set in the vast landscapes of Wyoming. The movie hangs its hat on the ambiguity of the main character, Jeremy Renner, and the the suspense of the murder mystery itself. It’s a slow-paced movie but never loses your interest due to the slow intake of clues into the mystery we’re trying to figure out. Overall it’s an enjoyable thriller and perfect for a rainy day or Moody Monday!


The Prestige:

Starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as magicians, The Prestige takes place in the 19th century and follows the two previously mentioned characters as they go from co-workers to bitter rivals. Without giving too much away, they become obsessed with each other’s “tricks” and are desperate to figure them out. As you’ll see when you watch the movie though, these “tricks” might be more than magic. This is literally one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and set time aside this week to do so.


Bojack Horseman:

This is one of Netflix Original’s. Bojack is a horse that used to be famous, and is now more or less washed up without a job. I’ve watched about half of season one so far after seeing it recommended numerous times on my social media feed, and it did not disappoint. The humor in it is great and perfect to wind down to at the end of the night, but it also gives you a little more with some surprisingly deep moments that I think a lot of people could relate to.


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World:

This isn’t the best or funniest movie that I’ve ever seen, and it certainly isn’t Steve Carell’s finest work, but it was still a fairly enjoyable way to spend an hour and forty minutes. The title pretty much sums it up better than I could. The Earth will inevitably end via asteroid in three weeks, which is where we meet Steve Carell and Keira Knightley’s characters as they oddly find each other while seeking a friend to spend the end of the world with. What better way to spend a moody Monday?

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