If you have not yet found yourself 6 seasons deep into The Office, you are truly not living. However, if you are an addict like myself you know that more often that not, Dwight Schrute has a way of saying things that well… may resonate with you more than you think.

For instance, the emotions that come over you when you realize you graduate in 35 DAYS. YES. 35. 

1.  When you save all of your non excused absences until the last few weeks of school and your professor notices you’ve been missing.



2. When all of your final projects just so happen to be due on the same exact day.



3. When you get out of your last class of the day 5 minutes early and suddenly the world makes sense again.



4. When your final exam just so happens to be everything that you decided not to study because you figured it wouldn’t be on the final exam.



5. When you finish a group project without getting sent to jail for killing your fellow group members.



6. When you realize you can’t partake in Thirsty Thursday activities because you will borderline fail out of school if you don’t study.



7. When your professors have the nerve to smile at you and ask how you are doing when they are simultaneously ruining your life.



8. When you have to say goodbye to all of your friends as they embark on end of the semester day drinks.



9. When the girl next to you studied for the final for hours and you didn’t even open your textbook.



10. When you realize that despite all of your panic attacks you somehow made it through the semester in one piece and you have never felt more alive.


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