While I was home in New York for the Easter weekend my family and I decided to go to the movies. We looked up some movies that were playing and after some moments of bickering we landed on Love, Simon. I had really only seen commercials for the movie but I remember hearing in one of my classes it had a great message. I live in a pretty small town so I called my best friend and cousin and told them to meet us at the movies in 15 minutes.


I don’t often go to the movies but love the feeling of going to the movies and how exciting it is.

I asked my family and friends to give me a quick review about their thoughts so I am excited to share those with you!

My dear friend Samantha wrote this about Love Simon:

“Love, Simon took on the tricky task of trying to address the serious threats to LGBT-Q youth in today’s society while still leaving viewers on a note of optimism and hope. The cast was surprisingly full of diversity even featuring multiple interracial couples. Yes there were some plot holes (who is martin’s gay brother?) and far fetched character moments (like simons friends turning on him despite the fact that he was being black mailed) but overall the film had enough true emotions and conflicts to make it more than just a cookie cutter teen movie. It’s a family film that will serve as a great talking point about Queerdom”- Samantha Fowler

My mom said this:

“It was heartwarming to see Simon’s parents portrayed as accepting and supportive. Enjoyed the humor interspersed into the movie by the writers. Loved also when Jennifer Garner said, “you can exhale now Simon””. – Darlene Sarchino

My cousin said this:

“ I told my mom it was the 16 Candles of the LGBTQ community. I just loved it to be honest. I thought of a few of my friends when I was watching it and how much they would have appreciated having a moving like it when we were growing up” – Katie Powell

My sister noted:

“The movie had a great message about acceptance, friendship and LGBTQ issues.” – Allison Sarchino

My review is pretty simple. This movie will not win an Oscar or break the box office but it was a great movie for growing teens. It did lack some stiffness in the plot but overall had a wonderful message. I think it is about time we have movies about real life situations for LGBT-Q teens to show that it isn’t just a taboo in society anymore to have to “come out”. I am excited to see more films based on similar premises.

Make sure to head to your local theatre to check it out!

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