As I sit here on a Wednesday night trying to figure out what to watch TV tonight, I flip through my favorite channels. HGTV comes on with Property Brothers…. Ehh not feeling that tonight. Ok, switch to Food Network and Chopped comes on…. Ehhh not feeling that. Bravo never lets me down so I switch to Bravo and RHOBH re-runs…EHH not tonight. Somehow I land on TLC which used to have some of my favorite shows when I was younger (Remember John and Kate Plus 8?). So I land on TLC and a show called “My 600lb Life” comes on. At first I was curious about this show and intrigued then it started to get quite sad and almost too real for television.

After two separate episodes of watching people on their journeys to lose weight and conquer severe obesity, I was hooked. This vicious cycle of obesity is something that I never thought that much about.

The whole premise is that every person on the show gets surgery to aid in his or her weight loss. Although the show can be very sad it is important for us to hear the stories of the people on the show. More times than not these people turn to food to cope with things that have happened to them.

I was surprised while watching how real and raw this show is. It doesn’t seem like reality TV and it for sure is not scripted. So that lead me to get thinking about the show as a documentary series.

If you guys get a minute I highly suggest this show to help give you a larger perspective on weight loss and teaches you to forgive ways to change your life .

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