Written by: Armani Johnson

I recently just started watching Star because of my love for singer/actor Luke James, and I quickly became attached to all of the characters, Simone and Alex in particular. Wednesday’s return of the show definitely succeeded in putting me in my feelings a bit once I saw the aftermath of the events of the showcase. Simone lost a girl she loved after doing what she thought was best to protect her, Alex losing Derek after getting caught up in the magic that is Noah and confessing about her abortion, Star having to struggle to see Noah potentially fall for Alex after her own insecurities and fears pushed him away, Cotton dealing with Elliot’s death on her hands and not thinking her mother can protect her, Carlotta returning home to a charred house and salon without a clue what to do next, and Jahlil barely making it out of the hospital after his steady use and overuse of cocaine.

Out of all the things that happened in the seemingly all too brief 45 minute episode, Alex and Simone’s parts felt the most emotional and mood altering.


Alex: In this episode, Alex finally tells Derek exactly what happened after she goes back to his place to retrieve her things and finds that he has already packed them. It is here that she admits that she didn’t have a miscarriage but rather an abortion because she didn’t think he would ever walk again. Derek doesn’t tell her that he’s able to move his foot slightly and simply tells Alex that she has been lying to him from the start and that he would have understood if she was just honest. She is also dealing with shade from Star because unbeknownst to her, Star is jealous about everything going on with Noah. After enough time, Alex and Star talk and Star tells her that she was the one who had Noah first and that she wanted to make things official but got scared and then lost her chance. For anyone who has ever had a crush on someone and seen them go for your friend, watching this was that same feeling but worse somehow. Alex has this crushed and confused look on her face as you watch Noah perform a song about love while both Star and Alex are in the audience. This was enough to put anyone in their feels having the person you like sing about their feelings for someone and not sure if you’re the person they’re talking about. The whole situation with Star and Alex, and Alex and Noah, and Alex and Noah and Derek, and Star and Alex and Noah just takes you back to the awkward days of middle school romances.


Simone: We find out that the person who died in the fire was not Cotton (thankfully) but Karen, Simone’s love interest. Things were just starting to take off between them and even though everything in Simone’s life was looking terrible, Karen was that glimmer of hope for her. Drugs are what likely cost her the showcase and prevented her from getting away from juvie and reunited with her family and the only thing she had to look forward to was returning back home after the showcase to Karen. After everyone has started to pick their life up after the disastrous events of the showcase, Simone still can’t enter the house because she’s haunted by the thoughts of Simone. It’s easy to forget that Simone is only 16 or 17 at this point and still really just a child which makes her constant unluckiness and misfortunes so much worse when you really think about it. Simone cannot ever catch a break, but we know based on season spoilers that she gets married so hopefully things will get better for her. Perhaps the saddest moment for Simone in the mid-season return was her spray painting her love for Karen on a wall across from where they almost shared their first kiss. The moment was emotional and you almost wanted to just reach through the screen and tell Simone it would be okay. The worst thing about this moment was how it was cut short as Noah (after being somewhat threatened by Simone) got Take 3’s song on the radio and they all began to celebrate the small victory, interfering with Simone’s time to properly grieve for her loss.

The episode itself was great but certainly had it’s parts that were a little too emotionally moving and hit a little too close to home. If you haven’t yet seen the return of Star check it out before the new episode comes out Wednesday after the new episode of Empire.


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