By: Shane Sullivan


Tonight is the NCAA’s Division 1 National Championship game between the Villanova Wildcats and the Michigan Wolverines. Ten million people watched last years’ game, and you can expect that number to be just as high this year in what has been an electric tournament. I expect Villanova to win for two reasons: 1) they are clicking on all cylinders and 2) over the past few seasons you could argue that they have been the most dominant force in college basketball. Now, I’m not saying Villanova is going to run the Wolverines over and I expect it to be a close and thrilling game, but I also expect the inevitability of the Wildcats triumphing. Which led me to thinking, is there a visual representation of two opponents who are very good at their respective field yet one is still the more dominant of the time? The answer is yes, and the best analogy to use is from the movie Troy with Achilles in his first fight scene. Here’s three reasons why.


1) Jay Wright is Achilles

Jay Wright might not have a lot in common with Brad Pitt or Achilles, but he does have one thing, and it’s being out right dominant at what they do. Jay Wright won the National Championship two years ago and his reaction was to put his arms up in a “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED” gesture. Jay Wright could win his second national title, putting him in a group that only thirteen coaches all time belong to. Jay Wright has made Villanova a powerhouse, and if his team wins tonight they will be undisputedly on top of the college basketball power rankings of the past half decade.


2) Villanova has been the most dominant team the past four seasons & Achilles was the most dominant guy ever

The people that Troy’s King is at war with here is the people of Thessaly. I say this because I want you to look at this from their perspective. Thessaly was somewhere in northern Greece, if geographical context helps you paint a better picture. They have as their top warrior essentially what is the ancient equal to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, so they’re not really sweating this matchup all that much.  As the fight starts Achilles just books it straight toward him. Ancient Rock throws a spear about 85mph like he’s Red Sox Pedro Martinez while the Yankee crowd chants “who’s your daddy.” Achilles blocks it with his shield and some may claim it slows him down a step but I find no evidence to suggest he slows down in any way. No big deal to Thessaly though because their big guy has a second spear! Anti-climatically it doesn’t matter, Achilles dips it and jumps from the free throw line to not only murder this guy with a stab through his neck, but he also became the first person in history to put someone on a poster. This is what Michigan faces tonight in a very less fatal sense. Seriously though, Villanova is one game away from being the second team ever to cover the spread every game as a five-point favorite or more. Not only are they beating teams, but they’re doing it handedly. Back to that scene really quick though, why in the hell did the guy not use his shield to block Achilles?? Is he so jacked that he can’t lift his shield up? If you’re so jacked that you can’t lift your shield up than why have a damn shield? I don’t want to hear, “Achilles was too fast!” That’s bogus. Mr. Too Jacked To Lift His Arm watched Achilles run directly at him for eighteen seconds (yes I counted) which is more than enough time to react. Rant over.


3) Moritz Wagner is the big bald guy

We all knew it was going to come to this in my hypothetical comparison, but Wagner is is undoubtedly the losing party here (whose name turns out to be “Boagrius” according to the description of this YouTube video). He’s big, he’s good and very well respected for his abilities, he celebrates by screaming and flexing his arms, and he is going to inevitably lose in a hopefully better showing than whatever it was that Boagrius gave us.


Tune into the game tonight at 9:20PM on TBS and let us know if it reminds you of you of any battles in pop culture!

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