By: Shane Sullivan

Season One Spoiler Free Review:

The Frankenstein Chronicles, which is on Netflix and stars Sean Bean, is an old time London crime thriller show that isn’t quite on the level of say, a Peaky Blinders, but is enjoyable nonetheless. Let me clear this up from the start because it was something I was pretty confused about for the first few episodes, The Frankenstein Chronicles doesn’t actually feature the Frankenstein monster. Instead, the book Frankenstein exist already, and is the inspiration for crimes committed throughout season one.

Sean Bean, playing a “river cop” in 1820’s London, carries the acting of this show on his back, and is as good in it as you would expect from him. The way he carries himself throughout the season is reminiscent of his role playing Ned Stark on Game of Thrones, in terms of being a man carrying a lot of baggage and having a past that isn’t fully disclosed from the beginning. Some episodes tend to drag on and the plot at times seem dull. Whenever this happens however, the mystery of season one pulls us back in. We are introduced to this mystery early in episode one when Bean’s character, John Marlott, finds a child’s body. Each limb, including the head, is stitched on and belongs to a separate individual (hence the Frankenstein name). The remainder of the season consist of Marlott hunting down the mad scientist/murderer responsible for this on behalf of the government, with various subplots and mysteries that tie in along the way.

This is by no means the greatest show on Netflix, and if you’re like me you’ll need the subtitles turned on to catch some of the British slang, but it is overall a show that I enjoyed watching very much. Some reveals I felt like could’ve been executed better in hindsight, but that takes nothing away from the shock value that they were aiming for. If you’re looking for a change of pace show that is done a little different than what you’re used to, I would recommend this.

Rating: 6.8/10

How Interested I am in Season two: 8.5/10

Spoiler Filled Review:


As soon as I started watching this I was wondering if Sean Bean was going to get Sean Beaned. Keep in mind I jumped into this show with absolutely no knowledge of it, so after the first couple episodes I was pretty confident he would. As the season went on though, I realized he was literally the only character in the entire show worth giving a shit about, so killing him would make absolutely no sense. In the end Sean Bean gets Sean Beaned but with a Frankenstein twist, so it’s worth watching for that reason alone and is why I’m excited to watch season two. I decided to watch this based solely off of Sean Bean and the thought that Frankenstein would be in it (which he is kind of, it’s just a remix) and I ended up liking it, so maybe you will to.

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