For what it is, Trailer Park Boys, the Canadian TV show eventually bought and now owned by Netflix, is super underrated (in my opinion). It’s basically about this run-down trailer park community in Nova Scotia and the people who inhabit it, mainly focusing on three of the residents (and main trouble makers) Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles.

The characters in this TV show are truly one of a kind, and so is the sense of humor and audience that the show appeals to. I think each of the main characters deserves a solid description of their personality and what they add to the TV show, because each one is hilariously funny in their own different ways.


We’ll start with Julian: the funniest thing about his character is that from the first episode to the very last, you’ll never not see him carrying his glass of whiskey. I cannot imagine how annoying it must have been to do everything with one hand while filming the show, but it really adds to the comedic aspect of the show. Julian is seen in the trailer park as sort of the leader, considering everyone has grown up there and known each other their whole lives. He’s overall a pretty stern character but does have his moments of dry comedic humor throughout the series.


Ricky can be seen throughout the TV show wearing his iconic flame button down shirts and black Adidas sweats, most likely with a cigarette in his mouth. He is considered the worst behaved in the trailer park, and is always getting into trouble with the police for a number of reasons, mainly for his hobby/business of growing marijuana, which is a constant theme throughout the show. I don’t think 5 minutes go by in the show where he isn’t cursing like a sailor either, his character’s personality is definitely strong and definitely hilarious.


Bubbles is one of the more sweet characters of this show, with his love of cats, super awkward personality, and one of a kind voice/accent that can only be explained or understood once you hear it! He hangs around with the trouble makers, Julian and Ricky, but never really causes any trouble himself and always finds a way to get out of a messy situation.

The final two main characters I’m going to explain together as a duo because that’s technically what they were. Park supervisor, Mr. Lahey, and his non-shirt wearing assistant, Randy, “date” as well as run the park together. They are enemies of Ricky and Julian’s, which makes the plot of the first few seasons pretty hilarious. Mr. Lahey is a continuously relapsing alcoholic whose antics are insane, and Randy is a tattletale who, for some reason, never wears a shirt and is known for that.

I will say that the first couple episodes of this show really didn’t appeal to me, however once you keep watching the style and humor of the series grows on you. The camera quality of this originally low-budget show slowly gets better with each season, which is interesting as well. If you like dry humor and TV series’ with ridiculous plots, then giving Trailer Park Boys a shot would be worth it!


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