By: Shane Sullivan


I consider myself a connoisseur of dumb things, and that’s not saying that “dumb” is a bad thing at all, in fact I mean the opposite of that because I genuinely enjoy dumb. When I say dumb I mean that objectively speaking they are generally pointless activities in the large scope of things, which is probably what makes them the most enjoyable. One of these activities is fantasy sports. Now keep in mind, I’m also a connoisseur of the fantasy landscape. Having only missed the playoffs once in seven seasons in fantasy football, including five straight semi-final appearances (at least) and a championship, I’m kind of a big deal. This is why I’ve decided to give Fantasy Movie League (FML) a try and I want you and all your friends to join our league. The league of course is free and is simply to satisfy our (my) competitive nature.


FML is a website that orchestrates fantasy movie leagues. Here is a set of rules on how to play right from the webpage, but I’ll try and sum up how it works here. FML gives you $1,000 hypothetical dollars and eight hypothetical movie screens. You must select, within your budget, eight films to show on these movie screens based off of actual movies in the theater today (yes, you can show the same movie however many times as you’d like, within your budget though). However well these movies do in the box office in real life is how well they’ll do for your hypothetical theater also. You compete against whoever is in your league, in this case the Click N’ Tell community. Be sure to also join Fantasy Movie League’s own free leagues to compete for prizes like gift cards to the movies.


If interested in our league to get your feet wet with the Fantasy Movie League, feel free to do so and to invite your friends as well. If it picks up, expect weekly post recapping how the leagues doing. The league begins on March 30th. If you have issues joining, please reach out to us on any of our social media accounts.



*Be sure to download the Fantasy Movie League App!

League Name: ClickNTell

League Password: CNT123

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