Recently in one of my classes, I was assigned a documentary to watch on Netflix, titled Salam Neighbor  *(Watch the trailer below)*

Now it is not often that I thoroughly enjoy watching something that was meant to be nothing more than a school assignment. However- this documentary was truly groundbreaking, and I would recommend it to all. Take a look… ↓



The Syrian Refugee crisis is one all too real, and too important to ignore. This documentary involves two young men by the names of Zach and Chris, who go on a month long journey to a refugee camp in Jordan. From there, we watch them make some everlasting relationships, and deal with the day to day life that is a refugee camp. This film truly left me speechless, and I would recommend it to anyone. 


Chris and Zach, on the far right are the two brave men who brought us this incredible documentary. 


Not to mention, this documentary is easy to find right on the home page of Netflix! Let us know your thoughts in a comment below! Have a great week!

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