By: Shane Sullivan

I’ve listened to a lot of sports related podcast, but one in particular that I would say is my favorite is The Rights to Ricky Sanchez Podcast hosted by Spike Eskin and Michael Levin. Let me first comment on the host. Mike is a fan favorite for his sense of humor and seemingly only recording as soon as he wakes up. Spike’s faith in the Youtube big board is admirable, and he’s not hesitant to play the villain role when necessary. They have recorded through their podcast an oral history of the Process, which if you don’t know, is the name they coined (also Tony Wroten) for the monumental rebuild of the 76ers franchise by than General Manager Sam Hinkie. They have created a cult, of which I may or may not belong, of dedicated Sixers fans who found joy in the pain of scrapping a team and building it up from scratch. Now I might be biased as a Philadelphia sports fan, but I imagine even an outside fan looking into the lives of people who follow the absolute weirdest team in the NBA would find some entertainment in it. What makes it such a great podcast is hard to nail down in just a few words, which is why I’ve decided to write a post and expand upon that further.


Interested in relationship advice? There’s a whole segment for it. Could use legal advice when you can get it? They have you covered. Engagement ring advice? They know a guy (many of these are through their sponsors, be sure to check them out at Billboard advice? Spike will give you his opinion. Tidbits of knowledge are abundant throughout the pod.

It’s not really about sports or the Sixers:

Ok, it’s obviously about sports and the Sixers. But they expand into many other things. They’ve had guest that include authors and theoretical physicist, and are sure to discuss the topics in their respective field. As I mentioned before, they have segments like “relationship advice” where they do exactly that, take in listener submissions looking for advice. It adds to the overall experience and makes sure that even when basketball season isn’t in swing the podcast doesn’t become stale.

The Jigsaw:

The jigsaw is my personal favorite non-sports related segment. While it’s not done to frequently, Spike makes sure to make them gross when they come (and catching them on re-listens is just as thought provoking). Basically what it is is Spike giving Mike a would-you-rather type situation, both of which are gross or weird in their own ways. It’s completely hypothetical and in no way relates to anything that the podcast is actually about, which is why I think I like it so much.


The most noticeable event is the Lottery Party, which is planned and put together by the two host. The first Lottery Party was at Buffalo Wild Wings, but it has now expanded to Xfinity Live. All events are all ages and is overall a great atmosphere. They also travel well, and have a yearly trip to an opposing team’s arena for a game against the 76ers. This is referred to as “Bus the Process” or “Fly the Process” (depending their means of transportation). This past trip to Milwaukee included 500 fans, and left an effect on the opposing teams player’s, one of which likened it to a European soccer teams fans. Which leads me to my last point.

The community:

The Ricky has created a community of Sixers fans, and some of which aren’t even Sixers fans, that is honestly special. If you’re a Philadelphia sports fan this podcast is a must listen. If you simply like basketball and the NBA but don’t necessarily follow the Sixers, it’s still worth listening for the outrageousness of it all. Fair warning: it will be incredibly weird at first when you don’t  understand the strange references that seemingly make little to no sense, but hang in there because going back and finding their origin is a whole other experience that comes with the Ricky. Don’t believe me? Check out their reviews on iTunes and all the five star reviews. Be sure to leave your own and maybe Spike will read it during the pod. And when you mention the podcast to others, be sure to say the name.

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