This might sound conceded but I have to say I consider myself a TV connoisseur. I live for my TV shows and find such joy in watching a new series. Yes I sound crazy but I love TV what can I say. With that said I am going to hit you guys with my all time favorite television shows.

Game of Thrones

Yes this show is worth all the hype it receives, trust me I am not one for fighting and blood but this show has something special. It not only takes place in this made up world but the characters connect with you and make you want more. The story line never gets old and you will be hooked I promise.


This vulgar show surprisingly is one of my favorite, it makes me giggle, cry, and wish I was living in Hollywood. This star studded affair breaks the fourth wall of tv and real life and has tons of celebrity guests. Adrian Grenier and cast will not disappoint and you will be quickly hooked.

Mad Men

Does anyone else ever dream of living in the 60’s? Betty and Don Draper represent the classic family during the 60’s but they have a dark side to their relationships. Another reason I love this show is the advertising side, as a communications major the campaigns they create are truly fascinating and will keep you wanting to know more.

The Office

I feel like I don’t even need to say much about this show, everyone already knows how great it is. Michael Scott is comedic genius and is true TV gold. This melodramatic office setting makes for some of the best TV moments of all time.

30 Rock

UGH what is not to like about Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan all coming together to create a hysterical comedy about the behind the scenes at a television show. As someone obsessed with TV this show satisfies all of my tv needs.

New Girl

The attachment I have to Jess, Nick, Winston, Schmidt, and Cici is borderline scary. The storyline is about a group of three male roommates and their new roommate Jess played by Zoey Deschanel who moves into the loft after a break up. The 7 comical seasons show love, breakups, job troubles and the struggles of living with 4 roommates. The show will have you crying laughing on the floor. The show is currently airing its last season but you can catch all the rest of it on Netflix. This bunch of roommates will make you wish you lived with a bung of hooligans.


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