So, on my lazy day this past Sunday, I decided to binge this show called Timeless on Hulu.  Basically the concept is that time travel has been invented, and this group of people with malicious intent to change the world’s past/future as we know it have gone back in time to famous events to try and change the outcomes. The 3 main characters, a historian, an ex-soldier, and a scientist are recruited by the government to go back in time repeatedly to try and stop the change in history from happening.

As of thus far, I have only gotten to episode six of 16, and can say that I have mixed feelings on the show. It is interesting to see them recreate the events that they go back in time to like the death of Abraham Lincoln, the Watergate Scandal, and the Battle of the Alamo. It definitely helps to have a general knowledge in the backgrounds of the events that happened, however there is enough explaining done throughout the show to help those who aren’t very familiar of the events understand. There are some things that confuse me however, like the effects on their real lives after something “wrong” happens as a result of the group trying to change history.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone that wants to start this show, so I just wanted to keep this simple and explain some of my early thoughts on the show. I still have a decent amount of episodes left to watch, but I can say that the show has interested me enough to keep on watching! Maybe once I finish the series, I can post a full review recapping my final feelings on everything, because I know I’ll definitely have some.

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