I am someone who is constantly listening to music; when I shower, get ready in the morning, at the gym, and whenever I’m just hanging out. I always go through phases and listen to certain artists specifically for periods of time. Here are a few bands/artists that I really have been loving lately!




So I’m pretty sure that 6lack (black) is my new favorite artist. I first heard of him last year, when his hit song “PRBLMS” played on the radio almost every 10 minutes. His first and only album on Spotify called “Free 6lack” came out in November of 2016 and it is AMAZING. He is more of a singer than a rapper but most of his songs are a combination of both. There isn’t one song on the album that I feel like I need to skip. To me, the best songs on the album are “Gettin Old”, “Free”, and “Learn Ya” (plz listen)!!! His vibe is definitely chill, and has been described as “moody hip hop”.



The Neighbourhood

I’ve been a fan of The Neighbourhood for around 4 years and have seen them in concert twice (they are amazing live). They also have a moody sound to them, but their style is very different. The band as a whole sort of has a “black and white” theme going, and their albums and social media accounts reflect it. Their first album “I Love You.” is probably their best one, in my opinion. I remember I used to listen to it every day in high school religiously. Their most famous track back then “Sweater Weather” is from this album. Their most recent album, released in 2015, called “Wiped Out” is also pretty good too. Recently, they have been releasing some new singles, “Scary Love”, “Void”, and “Nervous”. I am a huuuuge fan of all three of the songs, “Void” being my absolute favorite one.




BØRNS is an artist that has a very distinct but gorgeous voice. I haven’t listened to either of his albums all the way through because some of the songs aren’t really my taste, but the ones I do like from him are super good. My favorite song by him called “I Don’t Want U Back” is super upbeat and fun, and the lyrics are 100% relatable, which to me, makes a song that much better. “10,000 Emerald Pools”, “Dopamine”, and “American Money” are also a few great songs by him as well!



Demi Lovato

So before her most recent album came out, I can honestly say I was not a Demi Lovato fan at all. HOWEVER: her album “Tell Me You Love Me” totally changed my opinion on her and her music. I love almost every single song on the album! She is a strong female figure and her songs are relatable and heartfelt, not to mention her voice is incredible. “Tell Me You Love Me”, a song on the album, is probably my favorite of hers, along with “Only Forever”, and “Cry Baby”.


Tory Lanez

Like Demi, I haven’t really listened to Tory Lanez  besides the popular songs that he’s released. But again, his recent album release, which was just last week, has changed my mind! “Memories Don’t Die” is the name of the album, and there are soo many good songs on this one. I think his voice is super smooth and the songs are all really catchy! “4 Me”, “B.I.D”, and “Hypnotized” are just a few of the really good tracks on it. Separate from his album, “I Sip” and his collaboration with Major Lazor and Cashmere Cat, “Miss You”, are also really good songs that I’ve been listening to a lot recently as well. Definitely check out his newest album though on Spotify!

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