By: Christiana Cleveland

Elton John, the iconic mesmerizing performer of hits such as “Bennie and the Jets” announced late last month the ending performances of his career. Come September 8th, Elton will play his last tour titled ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ starting in Allentown, Pennsylvania at the PPL Center. Good News! The tour will last for three years circling North America to Europe.

                   Elton John – Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour: The Launch (VR180)

As sad as it is to think his time as a performer is coming to an end, it also gives me a sense of appreciation for his work and the effect he has had on the music industry. His effervescent personality, over the top fabulous costumes and coming out was a vital addition to the 1970’s.  Over the past few weeks my playlists have had at least one of his hits. I love this man and his music! I’m grateful to have grown up with his songs playing on the radio.

Here are my top favorites:

  1. “Tiny Dancer” along with “Your Song” – If you don’t know these….well c’mon now
  2. “Bennie and the Jets” – A generation was built around this hit
  3. “Philadelphia Freedom” – Every time I cross the Ben Franklin Bridge
  4. “Rocket Man” – Warning: this will replay in your head for the rest of the day
  5. “I’m Still Standing” – Having a rough day? Give it a listen

Stream all of these hits on Spotify

“Performing live fuels me and I’m ecstatic and humbled to continue to play to audiences across the globe. I plan to bring the passion and creativity that has entertained my fans for decades to my final tour.” -Elton John

Tickets are now available for the ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ Tour at  Ticketmaster or on Elton’s Website.

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