Written By: Samantha Sandler 

It’s about that time… one of our all time favorite Netflix originals is back! On January 19th 2018, Netflix released season 4 of Grace and Frankie, and it is everything that we thought it would be.. AND THEN SOME. 


After starting this show with my mom, it has now become an every season tradition that we binge together. Now, my grandmother watches it too and loves it! Moral of the story is.. people of all ages can enjoy this one, simply for a good laugh and quality television. 

Talk about witty, I swear this show gets better with time. If you haven’t watched this gem before, it stars two amazing women none other than Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. In season 1, we find out that the men these two women are married to, are in fact gay, and having an affair with one another! Crazy, right? From then on, we watch the family dynamic turn upside down and boy, is it a crazy ride.

Season 4 is it a hit, my friends. So, if you were thinking about watching it, or starting it.. I promise you, you will love it! Watch the trailer below ↓↓↓



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