Gianni Versace has long been a fashion and pop culture icon. He took the world by storm with his dark and unique designs for the Versace fashion house. He was well known in the gay community and resided in Miami the years before his assassination.

If you’re interested in learning more about Versace’s killer Andrew Cunanan and assassination of Versace you are in luck. The FX series “American Crime Story” has taken on this case and is airing its second season titled “The Assassination of Gianni Versace”. The first season of this show chronicled the ever-famous OJ Simpson trial and did not disappoint.

This second season is shocking and terrifying at the same time. The show has a way of making the worst characters seem redeemable yet scary at the same time. Warning: if your anything like me and get scared easily this might not be for you because I was so frightened I couldn’t sleep for nights.

The casting does not disappoint either Darren Cress best known from glee, plays Andrew Cunanan the conniving serial killer who assassinated Versace and four other men in 1997. Other noteworthy stars in the series are Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin, and Edgar Ramirez.

Check out the Trailer Below!!


Another way to learn more about the murder of Versace is the Oxygen podcast Martinis and Murder. On this podcast they devote a whole episode to discussing all if the facts surrounding this case. Episode 60 is available on Sticher, itunes and Google Play.

According to Sticher “Daryn and John learn about this history of Andrew Cunanan, and how his dark past led to the death of one of the world’s most prolific fashion designers.”




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