Written by: Armani Johnson

The Emoji Movie was recently named The Worst Movie of 2017 by Razzie. I heard the movie wasn’t that great from the few people I knew that watched it. This weekend I decided to see for myself. Here’s what I thought.

The Plot:

So there’s about three or four things going on in this movie that somehow gets tied all together. The owner of the phone has a crush on a girl in his school but doesn’t know what to say. The main emoji/character is too much of an individual and is considered a malfunction because it doesn’t want to just be meh. Some “hacker” emoji needs to get to the cloud for freedom. And lastly, a hi-5 wants to be popular. Seems like a lot for a 90 minute movie and it was. My rating, a C- at best

The Villain:

In the movie, each emoji is responsible for doing just one thing. That makes sense. The face emoji must always make that face, again that makes sense. Well in this movie the supreme and original emoji was the smiley and she is terrifying. Her smile is way bigger than necessary at all times, her voice is just a little too high making it unsettling, and she’s smiley all. the. time. I enjoyed her as “the villain” especially when she was in the board room with Gene (the main emoji character) and seemed very threatening in an innocent smiley kind of way. My rating, A-

The Moral:

I guess the moral of the movie is to just be yourself and not to try and change for anyone else. The “hacker” emoji comes forward as being the runaway princess emoji, the hi-5 accepts he doesn’t need to be a favorite to know he’s important and cool, Gene’s father realizes he can make more than one expression just like his son and its okay, and Gene himself accepts that he’s “special” and it ends up saving the day. Kinda lame and very expected but I’m not its target audience so I guess the children with smartphones out there needed that lesson. My rating, C+

The Ending:

Once again the movie was super predictable, even if it wasn’t logical. The villain gets crushed by their own evil doing (how ironic), there’s an unnecessary love interest that involves the girl emoji returning for the sake of the guy emoji she hurt, the owner of the phone managed to get the girl he wanted and basically always had, and now Gene gets to be a multi-faced emoji all the time. Boring. It was such a messy ending that I wasn’t sure how I should have felt when it ended. I mostly just felt relieved. The ending felt as though there was meant to be an additional 25 minutes in the movie but they ran out of funding and decided that four minutes would suffice. I believe a good ending can save a terrible movie but a terrible ending can destroy a decent movie. That’s what happened here. My rating, D-

Honorable Mentions:

The opening with the attention joke: annoying but decent almost like season 12 of Family Guy. My rating, B+

The idea of the wallpaper: kinda cool actually. My rating, A

The “last minute” save the day scene: beyond dumb. I’ve never tried to erase my phone before but I don’t think I can get to 99% deleted and suddenly unplug it and it go back to being 0% and back to normal. My rating, F


Final Decision:

So was the movie really that bad? In my opinion, it might have been. There were some awful aspects of the movie but you can get a good laugh in about five times. I’m glad I saw it just to say I did but I’m even more glad I didn’t actually spend money to do so. It’s not worth it, but hey, check it out for yourself.


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