It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one show that will make me laugh without a doubt no matter what mood I’m in or what type of day I’ve had. There are certain scenes throughout the TV show that stick out as some of the funniest moments of the series. Luckily, I was able to find short clips of some of my favorite scenes, hopefully you’ll appreciate them as much as I do…you’re welcome.

So all scenes where Dennis freaks out in general are my favorites, however this one tops my list by far, the episode where he is trying to sell his car that, unfortunately, is not a water vehicle as he thought.


One of my all time favorite episodes of this series is when Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs. This whole episode had me laughing throughout its entirety, here is one hilarious scene where they both reach their breaking points.


This scene is freaky just as it is funny, when the rest of the gang comes down with the “flu” (alcohol withdrawal) and all Frank wants to be is “pure”.


So this scene from one of the earlier episodes of the series is when Charlie loses his mind while him and Mac get hired to work the mail room at an office, and I absolutely die every time.


This iconic scene with Charlie and Dennis is the start of the iconic Dayman and Nightman theme that continues throughout the show.


Seeing Dennis and Dee collaborate in this scene is hilarious; the whole episode where the gang goes to the Jersey Shore is actually amazing.


So, as you can see by now, It’s Always Sunny definitely has its own sense of humor. The show is hilarious and it isn’t over yet, currently on its 13th season and set to renew for a 14th. Many more laughs are to be had for this TV series, and I can’t wait!

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