By: Christiana Cleveland

TNT’s most recent thrilling television drama is the new hit series, The Alienist. Set in 1896 during the “Gilded Age” of New York City, the show circles around actor Daniel  Brühl, who plays Dr. Laszlo Kreizler an intelligent “Alienist” who treats those with illness alienated by their nature in the new field of mental pathology.

Check out the official trailer of The Alienist.

Based on award-winning novel by Caleb Carr, the series impresses audiences by it’s pilot episode that emerges a serial killer of young boys. This murder mystery is one that sincerely does not disappoint. True to the time, informing the community of the murder by hitting poles to notify authorities. One episode per week is torture, wondering and waiting until the next to see what provocative, disturbing thing will happen.

The main characters in this series include Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans. Dakota playing Sara Howard, the first woman to work at the NYPD, challenging stereotypes and women empowerment through each episode. A real badass that accompanies Kreizler along with Luke Evans, who plays newspaper illustrator John Moore. The three musketeers themselves start an agency of their own in search of the killer. As disturbing and beautiful these episodes are, there is something about this series that leaves you wanting more. As a viewer you are constantly surprised and admired by the cast, set, and plot.

Entertainment Weekly interview with cast of The Alienist. 

Filmed in Budapest, Hungry the scenery is stunningly accurate to the time period of the 19th century. Costumes, interior design, along with the  language being spoken is something to take note of. I highly recommend this series to check out on today’s Twisted Tuesday.

Keep up with The Alienist,  Monday nights on TNT at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

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