Written by: Samantha Sandler 

When you think of a murder mystery made documentary, you don’t necessarily think of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Larry David. In fact, those are most definitely the two furthest things from your mind.


Before we go any further.. lets watch a trailer, shall we? Click here.  

A question that always circulates around my friend group, is what to watch on Netflix, and what is ACTUALLY worth our precious time. You know those shows and movies that you are always told to watch by people, and you just constantly put it off, thinking.. “hmm, maybe one day, but not today”. Well, that is me, with just about every suggestion I receive. 

However, just a few days ago I decided to sit down and give something new a go on Netflix, without spending a million years scrolling and scrolling. The title “Long Shot” caught my eye and while I knew it sounded familiar, I couldn’t necessarily remember what it was about. Anyways, I gave it a go, and let me tell you, it is a jam packed 40 minutes that you do not want to end. 

If you are a fan of any type of crime show, or have ever found yourself binge watching Law and Order SVU to the point that you contemplate changing your career path so you can be Olivia Benson… you will love this. What starts off as a murder mystery turned wrong, takes a crazy turn that is truly so unexpected. 


You are probably wondering why I started this post off talking about Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm.. and I am about to tell you why!

The man convicted of murder in this documentary, discovered that he did in fact have an alibi, taking him away from the scene of the crime that night. He was at a Dodgers baseball game. A sigh of relief immediately hit me when that information was discovered, but we quickly learned that is wasn’t enough. 

It just so happened, that an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm was being filmed live, that exact day, in the convicted’s exact section, in a stadium FULL OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. 

That is as far as I will go, but I promise you, you will thoroughly enjoy this jaw dropping documentary, and quite possibly change everything you ever believed in when it comes to fate and timing. 




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