Its no secret to my friends that I love podcasts, they are so convenient on my morning commute, when I am doing cardio at the gym or cleaning around my apartment. They make for great time passers and help to keep me up to date on news, politics, television and pop culture. With that said here are some of my current faves that i’m obsessed with.


  1. Martinis & Murder

This podcast is hosted by no one other than Andy Cohen’s Assistant Daryn Carp and John Thrasher. Throughout the podcast they chat about murder mysteries, while drinking martinis (what a combo). I find this podcast oddly entertaining, and trust me I’m not one for a gory murder scene. On the podcast they talk through all the fascinating details of famous murder cases.

  1. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations

I mean it’s Oprah for crying out loud!! She can literally do no wrong in my eyes. This podcast is inspirational, inspiring, and soulful for sure. These conversations are insightful and moving to help you through the hardest of days.

  1. WeHeardWhat?

Blogger Danielle Bernstein takes on podcasting and for any fashion lover this podcast is for you. She sits down and chats with friends in the fashion industry and has frank discussions about all aspects of their lives. Its quite honest and entertaining for an 20 something looking to grow their brand in.

  1. The Morning Breath

When I say I look forward to this everyday I am not exaggerating. Jackie and Claudia Oshry are a sister duo who deliver “The Fast Five You Need To Know Before you Wake Up and Smell Your Own Morning Breath”. Claudia is the creator behind the instagram @girlwithnojob and she will have you in stiches within minutes of listening to this podcast. This podcast is traditionally streamed on youtube and facebook but they have adapted it to podcast form for those on the go. They dish on all things reality television and chat with guests daily.

  1. The Daily

The Daily is a New York Times podcast that is put out at 6 am every weekday. Michael Barbaro works for the New York Times and tackles issues popular in the news. I listen to this 15-20 minute podcast on my way to work everyday and it keeps me informed and knowledgeable on what is going on in the world.


  1. How I Built This With Guy Raz

This is a family favorite, we are all obsessed with this NPR podcast that interviews the people behind some of the largest companies in our country. Guy is able to find out just how these extremely successful companies came to be and how these people created empires.


  1. The Lady Gang

The lady gang is comprised of three ladies that live in Hollywood these ladies explore dating, love, working and lifestyle issues that face ladies today. They have faced many challenges throughout their growing careers and have frank discussions about what it is like to be a lady today. Becca Tobin of Glee, Keltie Knight of Entertainment Tonight, and Jac Vanek famous for her graphic tees will become your instant bffs.


  1. The Bitch Bible

Jackie Schimmel is without a doubt one of the most sarcastic and hilarious podcasters. Within minutes she will have you laughing and saying “did she really just say that”. Most time Schimmel just rants about whatever is happening in pop culture and is there when you need a good laugh.


  1. Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Break Down

This is only for you if you are a Real Housewives fan and can’t get enough housewives drama in your life. This podcast is just what the title states, they dish on the most recent episodes of all of the housewives cities.


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