By: Natalie Wisler

The song “Let Me Go” by Hailee Steinfeld, Alesso ft. Florida Georgia Line, WATT is currently one of my favorite songs to play while I’m driving or working out. It has a way of making it impossible to resist singing along as well as throwing in a few taps of the toe. The beat starts out steady and then works its way up to being upbeat which is what makes the listener feel free and excited to be listening or singing along.

The lyrics talk about this idea of letting someone go. I think that this is not only just a breakup song, but a love song. She talks about how the relationship seemed so perfect in the beginning but somehow she knew it wouldn’t work in the end. It then goes into her explaining that she loves this person but knows that she cannot love them the way they deserve to be loved. The reoccurring words “let me go” are the main message in the song. She wants her partner to feel happy and loved by someone who can give it to them, but she knows that she is unable to do so in the way that they deserve.

The song can relate to a lot of people who have been in similar positions who have loved someone but knew they weren’t necessarily meant for each other. It’s hard to hurt someone who you care about but you know that they can find a better love elsewhere. I think the passion and relatability in this song makes it so powerful and freeing to listeners. I love listening to songs that can describe situations that I’ve been in better than I ever could.

What did you think about this song? Let me know below!

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