Written by: Armani Johnson

No, being the first black superhero movie will not be on this list. Why? Blade was also a black superhero movie that came out 20 years ago. Black Panther is not the first one of its kind, its just one of two and long overdue.

1) The cast

There was so much diversity in the cast of Black Panther. Racially there was a proper representation of an African country (though fictional). Women made up a large portion of the cast. Kendrick Lamar played a large role in the soundtrack and the directors were also black.

2) The story

Every character had a story, even the side characters. Characters were not one dimensional, they were all well rounded and allowed to be their own character independently. This is not seen very often especially in love interest roles like that of Lupita Nyong’o’s as Nakia.

3) Shuri

She was greatness as an intelligent black teenager. Yes, teenager. She showed her intelligence and skill all throughout the movie, greatly surpassing the technological accomplishments of the brilliant Tony Stark. Shuri was seen as a real teenager, making corny jokes (sneakers), getting excited for her brother (him becoming king), making jokes about her brother’s reaction to seeing Nakia (jokingly asking if he indeed froze), and best of all, not being forced upon or shipped with an older character. Shuri was a teenager and represented as one in the plot.

4) Wakanda

I know Wakanda isn’t real but if it was, I would have already booked my ticket. Especially after they decided to stop hiding from the world. Wakanda is a fictional country but still shows that there is more to Africa than the stereotypical huts and lions. It shows an advanced and developed country full of black people thriving, as many people do in various countries in Africa.

5)  An amazing enemy

Erik Killmonger was nothing short of a villain. Or was he? Erik had such a compelling backstory that it was almost hard to dislike him. Almost. He explained his reasoning for his actions and believed he was doing the right thing and in a way he was. If he wasn’t trying to kill T’Challa I’m sure everyone would have been rooting for him.



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