MBy: Shane Sullivan

2017 has produced some fantastic movies and along with them have come some incredible villains. Now, personally, I have great respect for the movie villain. You inevitably lose and you and everybody else knows it. Yet they soldier on regardless in their pursuit of world domination/ending the world/murdering someone/etc. I think this dedication and work ethic by movie villains shows that they deserve some recognition, which is why I came up with the 2017 Movie Villain Olympics. There are 10 competitors: Kylo Ren & his plus one General Hux (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), The family from Get Out, Kevin Wendell Crumb (Split), David (Alien: Covenant), X-24 (Logan), Luv (Bladerunner 2049), The Colonel (War for the Planet of the Apes), Vulture (Spider-man: Homecoming), and Ego (Guardians of the Galaxy 2). If your favorite movie villain of 2017 is not on this list let me be the first to apologize and offer my excuse that its hard to see every movie as a college senior attempting to get to his life together, but back to the Olympics.

There are five criteria: Reason for being a villain, property damage, physical damage, spotlight moment, and staying power. I will award medals for each category and finish with a medal count.

Reason for Being a Villain:

Bronze Medal: Vulture

Vulture is just a hard working guy down on his luck. If you found a bunch of alien technology wouldn’t your first thought be to sell them on the street to random people? Ok maybe not, but I like to think Vulture is just following 50 Cent’s motto of get rich or die tryin’.

Silver Medal: David

David is an android who hates humanity, which is something I can relate to. He also engineered the Alien, which is the most badass movie monster of all time, so his place on the villain ladder has to be pretty high. The reason he wants to destroy humanity is because of his desire to create life (the Alien) and who can really shit on a guy that’s just chasing his dreams.

Gold Medal: The Colonel

The Colonel is really just trying to save humanity, so if the movie was from a different lens he would be the protagonist. That’s really as good a reason as any to become villain. Gold medal to Woody.

Property Damage:

Bronze Medal: Vulture

Vulture took out a whole damn ferry. When comparing this to superhero villains who have flown threw skyscrapers this may seem light, but that’s a hefty amount of property damage. Give Vulture his second bronze.

Silver Medal: Ego

While the final showdown with Ego happened on his home planet, his “stuff” (I don’t know what to call it) was wrecking havoc on Earth and other planets across the galaxy. While we don’t see the extent of this damage, we can assume that a whole bunch of properties were destroyed. Also have to give Ego points for playing the long game to destroy several planets, not many villains have vision like that.

Gold Medal: Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren and his fleet destroyed maybe several dozen spaceships. Now I don’t know how the economy of the galaxy is going but those things cannot be cheap. These other villains have done some damage but none of them can say they blew up a galactic governments fleet.

Physical Damage:

Bronze Medal: X-24

This cloned version of prime Wolverine was sticking his claws in everything and everyone, including slicing the older version of himself until he had a hole in his chest. The damage he did to Wolverine alone would’ve medaled him in this category.

Silver Medal: Get Out Family

While they opted to do mental damage, they still medal because they seriously screwed some people up. Any villain that can hypnotize you into a television is not to be toyed with.

Gold Medal: David

This one is a no brainer. David literally annihilated the entire race of beings that created humanity in about an hour by unleashing parasites/disease/alien goop I can’t be 100% sure but he unleashed something. If we assume a planet can house a few billion people than it’s safe to say that David deserves the gold for this one.

Spotlight Moment:

Bronze Medal: The Colonel

The Colonel’s spotlight moment came when he revealed why he was a villain, his son was infected and he had to kill him to save his humanity. Gut wrenching stuff. The Colonel claims bronze here because this scene makes us feel empathy for him. I’m a sucker for feeling bad for the bad guy.

Silver Medal: Kevin Wendell Crumb

Kevin’s moment comes when he releases the Beast, which is pretty much a love child between Wolverine and Venom but with a M. Night Shyamalan twist. Being kidnapped by a guy only to find out that he takes on the personality of animals at the Philadelphia Zoo is just about the worst case scenario for anybody so let’s get Kevin on the podium.

Gold Medal: David

David claims his second gold. His spotlight moment is the same as why he won gold for physical damage, he destroyed an entire species and had time for tea. You cannot argue with that.

Staying Power:

Bronze Medal: Kevin Wendell Crumb

In order to have staying power, you have to be alive. I just wanted to clear that up off the bat. Not only is Kevin alive, but he also should be appearing in 2018. Split gives us a taste of what’s to come in the sequel “Glass,” where we will see Kevin and Mr. Glass presumably beef with Bruce Willis. Flashback to Unbreakable where we see a comic cover with a superhero fighting a Beast…you can put the rest of the pieces together.

Silver Medal: David

David finds the podium yet again. If your sensing a little Alien franchise bias, it is because you are absolutely correct. David holds all the cards at the end of Alien: Covenant, and we know based off of the original Alien franchise that his creation survives, so it’s safe to say that David is in a position of power going into the next entry of the films.

Gold Medal: Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren has all the staying power in the world, if his predecessor has shown us anything. Darth Vader still gets air time today, and there is no reason to expect Kylo Ren will go anywhere anytime soon. The real question is how does his story end, and if he will be able to cement himself into movie villain legend.

Medal Count

Kylo Ren: 2

General Hux: 0

Get Out family: 1

Kevin Wendell Crumb: 2

David from Alien: 3

X-24(Logan): 1

Luv (bladerunner): 0

The Colonel (War for Planet of the Apes): 2

Vulture (Spiderman): 2

Ego (guardians of galaxy 2): 1

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